DBTRM has created a few different products that you can purchase.
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Northwest Whitewater Hat

$25.00 + $8.00 shipping for USA orders

Columbia River Gorge Whitewater Map

$55.00 + $15.00 shipping for USA orders
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Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater guidebook

The Columbia River Gorge hosts some of the most amazing whitewater in the world. Our team has collaborated to bring you a 3’x 2’ wall map that showcases the beauty of all the whitewater runs in the region. Every put in and takeout is labeled to help you dream up your next trip. For just $55 plus shipping this rolled map printed on high-end photo paper will be shipped to your doorstep.

With the production of our book we developed a logo that shows the frothing whitewater of the Northwest. $25 plus shipping and it will be at your doorstep! Sorry we only have one size currently that is a ball cap / flexfit/ L/XL. Red with a white mesh back provides shade and ventilation!

Our team had a large hand in the design and development of Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater . Please check out the book here and feel free to buy it at your local shop, Falcon’s site, REI, or Barnes and Noble. Information can be found about its contents and authors at http://www.falcon.com/book/9781493023066.

We produced an index for both the Washington and Oregon half of the guidebook providing better browsing.
Download the two-sided PDF here, print on front and back half of a page and use it as a bookmark and to navigate the book.